Monday, January 5, 2015

New Years Eve

On New Years Eve we ventured out to "Old Market" which is downtown Omaha and went to the Durham Museum.  They had a New Years Eve party for kids and a countdown with a balloon drop at 12pm.  I have to say the downtown area is not what I expected at all!  It was charming, I can't wait to go back!

The Durham Museum is an old drain depot. It was also beautiful inside! Hayden got a party bag full of candy and noise makers and she got to decorate a party hat.

We got to walk around the museum and look at all the old trains, Hayden couldn't believe that they had beds on trains!

Reid got in on the noise making too!

We also got to take silly pictures in a photo booth!

After we went to M's Tavern for lunch to celebrate the new year.

That night we had a crazy dinner: homemade pizza, shrimp, and 7 layer dip.  We popped open some "firecracker" presents that contained a crown, a joke and a "toy" and watched our family videos from the past year.

Reid did not appreciate the crown as much as the rest of us!

We had an early countdown for the kiddos and called it a night!  Paul and I stayed up to ring in the new year. Here's to 2015!

First Visitors

We had our first visitors since we've been in Omaha.  Paul's brother Kyle and his wife Morgan were driving across the country for her to start PA school in Virginia.  We were so glad they decided to stop and visit with us on December 28th.  

They stayed the night and had to leave first thing the next morning.  Even sleepy head Hayden woke up early to say goodbye.  She LOVES when family comes to visit.  Maybe someday we can live close to these guys!

First Major Haircut

Paul has been nagging me for quite awhile to cut Reid's hair.  He always would say that he looked like a "dirty hippy."  But I loved his hair!  It did start to get a little long, so we decided it was time for a big haircut.  I'd trimmed the back a few months ago to even it out, but that was it.  Thanks to my friend Stephanie who taught me how to cut hair, I was able to scissor cut his hair.  

Look how grown up this little one is!

He looks a lot like Paul to me in this picture

December 23, 2014

Reid's first bug

Paul left on first longer business trip and Reid woke up on December 18th and started throwing up!  He threw up throughout the rest of the day.  It was not a fun day.  Hayden was jealous that Reid got so much attention and kept wishing she was sick too.  This is the first time as a mom that I have had to clean up so much vomit.  Hayden has only thrown up once her whole life.

The only good thing about a sick baby is all the cuddles. Thank goodness it was a quick bug, he was back to normal the next day.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Here are the highlights of our Christmas Season:

The day after Thanksgiving we went to an outdoor mall to watch a small parade and participate in the tree lighting ceremony. It was a fun way to kick off the Christmas season.

We finally set up our tree after Reid's birthday and decorated it!

Reid loved the lights

and the sparkly ornaments

We made and decorated a gingerbread house while Reid was sleeping!

And we met Santa Clause at Bass Pro Shop.  This turned into quite the day.  We went around 1pm and we were told we couldn't see Santa until 6pm!  So we went home (25 min away) and came back after Reid's afternoon nap.  Reid and Hayden loved looking at the fish and all the other stuffed animals.

 Reid has been a bit clingy the past month so I thought he would lose it for sure when we set him on Santa's lap. But he just calmly looked at Santa and the stuffed animals around him and took it easy!

Hayden's letter to Santa

We made sugar cookies (why do these take so darn long!)

I can't get over this face!

Hayden also had a Christmas party at preschool.  They decorated cookies and had a book exchange.  Hayden thought it was so fun that her brother got to come to preschool.

They also had a Polar Express day where she got to wear her pajamas.  They ate popcorn, drank hot chocolate and watched the movie.  She also came home with a very special bell.  

Christmas Eve we spent with the Housers and participated in some of their fun traditions. We had ham and soup with bread bowls for dinner.  And there was quite the spread for dessert!   

We had fun acting out the Christmas story, Hayden got to play Mary and ride on a donkey (Josh). 

  We sang Christmas songs, and played a fun present game.  Everyone holds onto a ribbon while music is playing and when the music stops whomever is holding the knot gets to pick a present from the middle.  

When we got home we opened up Christmas jammies and got the kids all ready for bed.  

That morning we started around 8 am and had a wonderful relaxing day.

Reid did go after one present

One of Hayden's favorite gifts, she played with it forever

He probably enjoyed climbing on the box more than opening it though

And this is his favorite game, push a ball and chase it down

One of Paul's big gifts, a new brief case

Anna and her new bike

My big gift was a new coat to keep me warm, did I mention that it is freezing cold in Omaha!

We facetimed with most of our family throughout the day and went on a walk so Hayden could test out her new bike.

It was a great Christmas season, but I do have to say that I never want to move during the holidays again!  That was a lot of work!