Thursday, February 4, 2016

Grandma Anne

Like I said, Anne arrived on Reid's birthday and helped us celebrate.  She was able to stay a full week and we loved having her here.  I am so lucky to have a great relationship with my mother-in-law, we always look forward to her visits.  She got Reid out of the house, cooked every night, cleaned a ton, had lunch with Hayden at school, ran Hayden to all her after school activities, helped us decorate for Christmas, she was awesome!

We gave Beckett his first bath while she was here, he didn't like it at first but seemed to like it until we pulled him out.

Grandma got some cute pictures of this little guy

Even by week 2 Reid was still asking to hold "baby"

We even managed to squeeze in some outlet shopping on her last day here.  This is a Solly wrap Anne bought us, I love using it with Beckett when we are out or even at home.

Saying goodbye is never easy, especially for little Miss Hayden, she sure loves her Grandma.

More of Anne's handy work!  In the 9 years we have been married, we have never put up Christmas lights.  She did this her last day as well.

Grandma Anne Arrives and Reid's 2nd Birthday!

Anne flew in on December 5th, Reid's Birthday!  I don't think we've ever had family in town on one of my children's actual birthday so it was fun that she was here.  We had a Thomas The Train or "Choo-Choo" Themed Birthday Party for Reid.  We went out to Chic-Fil-A for dinner and then came home and ate cupcakes and opened presents.  Reid did get into opening presents a little more than last year, but still needed some help.  Among his favorite presents were big construction trucks from Grandma Anne and Papa Steve, new Toms shoes (the kid is a shoe snob!) and a Tractor Book.  Reid was also fascinated by the candles and could have lit them and blown them out all night long if we had let him!  

It's impossible to get a smile out of Reid when he is enjoying himself, he is all business with these trucks!

Sassy Hayden

We recently had his 2 year check up as well.  He is growing like a weed and based on his parent's  height and his 2 year stats his pediatrician predicts he will be between 6 ft 2 inches and 6 ft 4 inches! 
Here are his stats:
Height 38 inches (99%)
Weight 31 lbs (78%)

Dr. DiRenzo-Coffey did discover that his chest is starting to come outward and so she ordered an x-ray of his spine.  Sure enough the X-ray showed that he has minor scoliosis :(  We will meet again at his 2 1/2 year mark to relook at it and reevaluate.  You just never want anything to be wrong with your kids, so this worries me.  But from what Paul and I have read online a simple brace should be able to resolve the problem.

At 2 years old Reid is really into:
Construction and Farm Trucks
Pulling socks of the feet of anyone wearing them (even Baby Beckett!)
Digging through my pantry and begging for food (especially candy)
Saying sorry when he gets hurt and saying "I love you" as you comfort him
Hiding and waiting for people to come find him (he used to hide in the same spot each time, but he is getting good at finding new spots)
Playing with water in the sink
Helping make green smoothies
Going to the gym to play with "choo-choos"
Playing with big sister Hayden, their favorite game is "ashes" (Ring around the Rosies)
Flushing Toilets but NOT sitting on them
Electric Toothbrushes
Giving out hugs
Favorite Words: Butterly, Turtle, Owl, "oh no," choo-choo, candy, bite (when he wants to eat), pizza
Drinking milk microwaved to exactly 38 seconds

Reid Hates:
Getting his hair cut
Clipping his toe nails
Going to bed
When I do home workouts
wearing socks and shoes inside

Here are Reid's 2 year pics:

We sure love our Reider man and can't believe how awesome he has been with Beckett joining our family.  He has acted like normal and plays with his trucks while I am busy with the baby!  He also loves to give Beckett kisses on the head and say, "it's ok" when he cries.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Early Days With Beckett & Thanksgiving.

I was very fortunate to have lots of help after Beckett's arrival.  I don't know how moms do it without help!  Like I said, my mom arrived just hours before the delivery which ended up being perfect timing.  She stayed through Thanksgiving and until the following Wednesday.  She was a great help and cooked us dinners, cleaned up the kitchen numerous times, entertained my kids, got Hayden off to school each day.  She was a life saver!  She is also good at letting me be emotional and realizing that it will pass and to let me just cry.  Here is Hayden meeting Beckett for the first time before heading off for school.

Reid surprisingly also liked holding "baby" and did not like it when my mom tried to hold him for the first bit.  He was quite obsessed for the first few days after Beckett's arrival. Reid has been so good at adapting to having a baby around.  He just plays while I take care of him.  Reid is pretty picky about who he shares kisses with, but he freely gives them to Beckett on the head.

 The Housers were kind enough to have us over for Thanksgiving.  Thank goodness for family!  Otherwise we would have had a VERY simple Thanksgiving this year.  My mom made several pies for Thanksgiving as well as her yummy rolls!

This was the outfit that I had bought to bring Beckett home in, but it seemed weird to get him dressed in overalls at 1:30 am!  So we put him in it for Thanksgiving.  I couldn't get a picture with his eyes open!

Sebrina and Beckett on Thanksgiving 

Mia and Beckett

Poor Reid had tummy ache problems again from backed up bowels, so he was pretty low key on Thanksgiving

This is what Beckett did most of Thanksgiving day!

Overall it was a good day, I unfortunately never have much of an appetite right after I give birth, but it was still nice to get out and feel normal for a few hours!

Beckett was a champion sleeper from the very beginning.  I often had to wake him up to feed him because he was sleeping longer than 5 hours!!!  I only remember waking up every 3 hours about 2 nights since he was born.  He usually averaged about 6 hours at a time during the night.  He is a happy little guy and even started smiling way earlier than I remember my other two smiling.  He just can't help but smile when someone smiles at him.

The day after Thanksgiving I went back for me wellness check-up, everything looked good and we took a picture in front of Beckett's footprints 

Anne and Steve were so fun and sent us cupcakes and balloons to celebrate his safe arrival!  The kids were in heaven!

My mom loves to sing to new babies.  I think they like her tenor voice!

We decided to celebrate Reid's birthday a few days early with my mom.  Reid LOVED blowing out his candle and almost put his face in it he was so excited!  My mom got him a Black and Decker work bench and he has had so much fun with this gift, especially once we put the batteries in and made it the noisiest toy ever!

Saying goodbye is never easy.  Reid is slow to warm up to women and he had really finally warmed up the last few days she was here.

Thank you so much for flying to Omaha and helping us for over a week mom, don't know what we would have done without you!!!