Monday, October 5, 2015

Front Tooth

Hayden lost her first front tooth on Sunday, October 4th!  She has been obsessed with pulling it out but we kept telling her it wasn't lose enough.  So that stubborn little girl has been wiggling it non stop and Sunday afternoon she went in the bathroom and yanked it out.  She came out with a mouth full of blood and so proud of herself!

It's crazy how different she looks missing this tooth!  She is growing over night!  This is the 3rd tooth she has lost.  We'll see if she looses her other front tooth before Christmas, then we can sing, "All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth..."

Vala's Pumpkin Patch

Ever since we moved here we've heard a lot about Vala's and we finally got to experience it a few weeks ago.  We bought a season pass because everyone told us we'd want to go back again and again. I do have to say it is unlike any pumpkin patch I have ever seen!  The first time we went with the Chapman family and the second time we went with the Mcrary's.  We've had a great time each time!

How cool is this giant rocker at the entrance?  Reid did not appreciate it!

Hayden with the Chapman kids

Reid was in heaven looking at all the tractors and trucks

And we even found a pink one for Hayden!

Watching the pig races, probably my favorite part!

Reid in the tractor pull, he was in heaven and was pretty upset when the fun ride ended!

Hayden with the Mcrary kids.  They all got pig noses after the races!

Family Bike Ride

We plan on going back 2-3 more times before the fall season is over!

Hayden's 6th Birthday!

Hayden turned 6 years old on Wednesday, September 16th!  That morning I made one of her favorite breakfasts, German Pancakes.  After school we met the Housers at Panera Bread (per Hayden's request) and then went home to open presents and eat zucchini cake!

Hayden got an American Girl Doll spa chair, an American Girl Doll horse, and a giant craft bucket. We also let her open a few smaller gifts that morning before school.   She was much for excited about the horse than I expected!

That Friday we had a friend birthday party.  Her guests included some friends from church: Kristine Young, Cumorah & Jordan Mcrary, and Mac & Britain Chapman, from school Lexi Elliot & Lauren Seim, and even one from preschool Aubrey Borkowski.  The theme was a pajama party so everyone came dressed in jammies.  We started off with a craft: we decorated little bags to put party favors in which included nail polish (for the girls) and playing cards.  Then we had pizza for dinner and took photos at our photo booth.  Then we opened presents and ate cake.  After that they had several games of buck and bull hide and seek with dad and then settled down and watched Big Hero Six while enjoying popcorn and M&Ms.  Parties are a lot of work, but Hayden truly loved having all her friends over and I'm glad we could do something special for her before the baby comes!

Aubrey & Hayden 

Lexi & Hayden

Mac, Britain & Hayden 

Lauren & Hayden

Kristine & Hayden

Getting ready to blow out candles

Cumorah, Jordan & Hayden 

At 6 years old Hayden weighs 49 pounds and is 3 ft 11 inches.  She really loves gymnastics and her music class.  She loves anything that has to do with crafts and making things.  She really likes American Girls right now and still has quite the imagination.  Hayden is great at making friends and loves playing with other kids.  Hayden is learning to read and takes Kindergarten pretty seriously!

Monday, September 21, 2015

BYU vs Nebraska

Paul and I were able to get tickets and go to the BYU vs Nebraska game in Lincoln on September 5th.  It was SO HOT that day, thank goodness there was a strong wind which made it bearable.  When we first got there it was a bit intimidating because EVERYONE was in red!  It was a sea of red and we were sticking out in our blue.

It was a close game all the way through and BYU ended up winning 33 to 28 on a last second Hail Mary!  It was an epic game to be at!  It was fun to see a Huskers game because Nebraskians are very proud of their Husker Football Team.  Almost everyone you see is wearing a Huskers shirt on game day and the stores and restaurants are empty because everyone is watching.

These corn on the cob hats kill me!

Even Hayden has become a fan of the Huskers because of the early indoctrination going on at Kindergarten!  

Fun Run

Hayden's school had a fundraiser and the kids ran laps for donations.  The total amount of laps allowed was 35 and Hayden ran 27 laps in about 30 minutes.  They said 35 laps was 3 miles so I'm guess she ran about 2 1/2 miles?  I am very proud of her.  Reid usually loves to be outside, but for some reason, he was not having it that day.  He was really unhappy but Hayden made him much happier by giving him a "high-five" as she passed us each time!  

I forgot my phone sadly, but one of the moms forwarded their class picture on to me!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Lantern Fest

When I saw this event advertised on Facebook I knew my family would love to go.  It is definitely a bucket list must and was such a magical evening.  So the night of August 29th we loaded up our car with food, camping chairs and excitement.  We even watched Tangled on the way there because lets be honest, to Hayden it was like being in the movie Tangled!

There were lots of activities to do while we were there, we listened to live bands, watched fire dancers and breathers, visited with friends, roasted marshmallows for s'mores.  Reid mostly wanted to push the stroller around, while Hayden made friends with a girl from our ward and ran around all night.

Writing our wishes and dreams on the lanterns

Launching our lanterns in the sky


We had a great night and we will definitely be doing this again!

P.S. Did I mention that I broke my arm?  I guess I haven't!  Crazy coincidence but our car gets totaled on my sister Shannon's birthday and I break my arm on my sister Michelle's birthday!  What are the odds.  I was leaving church with a bunch of heavy bags on my left shoulder and I was trying to call Paul with my other hand to find out where he was.  The next thing I knew I was falling to my left and crashed down on my arm.  I thought my arm was just bruised at first and my knee was bleeding a lot. But after about a half an hour, I could barely move my elbow and the swelling had started and I just knew...I was pretty emotional, I kept thinking "how am I going to be a mom with a broken arm?"  So we went to the ER and the radiologist was busy but the Dr. told me she did not see a fracture and to follow up with a regular family Dr. on Wednesday unless I heard from the ER.  I never heard from them so I got my hopes up thinking it was not broken.  I went to my family Dr. on Wednesday and he also thought it was just badly bruised, but stated he would call the radiologist and get my x-rays and speak with him.  Before I could even get home I looked at my phone and there was a message from my Dr.  that said I had in fact broken my arm on the radius and that I needed to see an Orthopedic Surgeon to get it casted. I was once again devastated.  I was also so upset that the ER never called to tell me.  Their excuse was that they had the wrong number but never even tried my husbands number.  They said they were so worried that they sent a letter telling me, which was post marked the day after I called to complain and I didn't receive for over a week after the break occurred.  Oddly enough this break requires no cast, I just wear the sling when I'm out and about and the rest of the time I'm trying to get my mobility back.  I had to go back for a 2nd set of x-rays and the Dr. said the bones are still in place but broken and my mobility is ahead of schedule and....wait for's broken in 3 places along the radius.  I go back September 28th to see what is going on.  I really hope it is healed and that I can start bearing some weight on it!  

The first two weeks were really rough, I could barely do anything.  But I am getting good at doing everything one handed, including picking up Reid!