Sunday, December 4, 2016

First Snow of the Year

December 3rd was our first snow fall of the season and Beckett's first time out in the snow.  He didn't quite know what to think but he sure wanted to stay out in it and was angry when I brought him in to hang out by the fire instead.  

Paul kept insisting that there wasn't enough snow and then I look out the window and Hayden has built a snowman!  She is one tough girl!

Our backyard even has a little hill that is perfect for sledding.  Beckett loved going with his big sister!

Christmas Tree

We actually got our tree up before December this year!  We waited for Beckett to go to sleep and then we decorated the tree.  Reid had so much fun decorating the tree this year.  Each time we pulled out an ornament he would "gasp" and was so excited to see each one.  I think you can tell which section of the tree Reid decorated.  Hayden has several of her own ornaments now and it's fun to relive the memories through the years.

Beckett Turns 1!!!

This sweet boy turned 1 on Thanksgiving, November 24th 2016.  What a fun day to celebrate it. Taking this last update was ridiculously hard, he did not want to sit still, so it's a good thing we are done with them.  I really cannot believe how quickly this year passed and how quickly we no longer have a baby in our home anymore.

At age one Beckett 

weight: 23 lbs 3 oz (77%)
height: 31.52 inches (95%)
head: 19 inches (95%)

Likes having his back and tummy scratched but dislikes it on his arms and legs
Says momma, hot, brrr, loves to mimic baby sounds
He has this funny habit of lifting up his arm (like he is pledging allegiance to the Fuhrer) when he falls, when he is greeting people, all the time, it is pretty funny
Loves to clap
He is walking a lot more now
Favorite song: There is an old house in the middle of the woods
Likes to dance to: Unknown Legend (Shovel And Rope), Thrift Store (Macklemore)
Loves to read books before nap time, I really can't tell which is his favorite, he likes to read them all and keeps reaching for more when I lay him down in the crib
Favorite foods: sausage, zucchini, avocados, raw carrots, suckers (for shopping bribes to keep him from screaming)

For his party we did a lumberjack theme and it turned out so cute! Seriously, can he get any cuter in those suspenders?

Snacks: Sticks (pretzels), Bear Poop (chocolate covered almonds), Acorns (mini wafers, Hershey Kiss, peanut butter chip)

Opening presents:  Beckett was so animated as he opened his gifts, he ripped paper, played with his presents, he really loved having all the attention on him

Still kind of confused about what is going on today "what's on my highchair?"

We didn't even have time to light a candle because right as we put his cake on his tray he attacked it.  He'd take a few bites and we clapped and he'd clap and then he'd eat some more.  He was hamming it up and really enjoyed the whole process.

One of his favorite gifts from Grandma Anne and Papa Steve.  He also got a ball and baby radio from his Robinson Grandparents, a stuffed animal and little people animals from the Housers.  We got him The Birthday Book, a hammer toy, the twirly stacker (which has been fought over and obsessed by all our children)

Beckett really is one happy, entertaining little boy and we all love him so much.  He is our perfect caboose!