Monday, October 10, 2016

Beckett at 9 Months

I am proud of myself for getting these monthly updates written down. The 3rd child, it's so hard to find the time!!  I'm probably not as detailed as I was with the other two but at least I'm trying.  One thing I always forget to write is that the last several months people keep mistaking him for a girl!  They will say, "what a beautiful girl" then I say he is a boy and they are shocked and tell me what a beautiful boy he is!  I'm always confused as he's dressed in boy clothes when they make the comment.  Some people say it's because of all his hair that people make the mistake.  Beckett also loves to push his forehead into everything!  Into our legs when we are standing, into the floor, toys, whatever he comes across.  Anytime we are out people comment about what a happy boy (or girl :) ) he is!  He did finally get a tooth which has helped the sleeping situation.  Only it's not his front tooth! He got his tooth to the right of his front tooth on August 28th, so soon I'll have a vampire baby.  He also got brave and started going up stairs on September 3rd, so up went the baby gates shortly after.

Height: 30 inches (89th)
Weight: 21lbs 15 oz  (76th)
Head: 18.5 (89th)

Sunday, September 18, 2016


This summer Paul's boss was talking to him about opportunities for growth within the company of Philips Healthcare and Paul decided to jump on it.  His role as a Regional Service Manager has been a stressful and demanding job and he has been counting down the days to be able to move on from it. He started interviews in August and made it through all 3 interviews and was granted the job at the end of August.  He has switched to the sales side of Philips and will be working with the VA hospitals in several midwestern states.  Not only is it less stressful and more pay, but we also get to stay in Omaha for a few more years which is really nice.  After 2 years here we are just starting to feel like it is home and making some friends that we'd like to continue to get to know for a few more years!  

I am continually in awe of Paul and his ability to present himself in the most positive way!  I think he has gotten every job he has every applied for.  I am so grateful that he is a hard worker and wants to provide a good life for our family.  I'm excited to see what the future brings for Paul and his career!  

Hayden Turns 7

Holy moly!  Hayden is 7 years old which seems hard to believe.  She had a pretty busy day on her birthday.  We made pancakes for breakfast, let her open a few gifts and then she was off to school. 
I got to go eat lunch with her and my friend Sara Fosch was kind enough to watch the boys so I could spend more quality time with her. She requested McDonald's and it was fun to see her in her element with her friends.  That afternoon she got to hand out cookies for her birthday and wear a special birthday crown that she got to keep!  After school she FaceTimed with Grandma Anne and opened her gifts and then FaceTimed with Owen and Michelle.  Then we were on our way to gymnastics.  I dropped her off and then made a mad dash home to get her little surprise party with family ready.  We smoked Papa Murphy pizzas and had cake and ice cream and presents.  She was over the moon that her cousins could be there and was definitely surprised.  

Instead of a big party this year, I let Hayden pick a friend to do a special activity with.  She chose to go see a movie.  So we invited her best friend Lexie to Pete's Dragon.  They got popcorn and M&Ms.  After the movie (which they both teared up during) we went out for frozen yogurt at Yo Yo Berry.  It was a nice way to celebrate turning 7!

Update on Hayden:

Hayden is reading really well now and is flying through her Bob Books.  She loves reading Mo Willems books as well

This girl finally learned to ride a bike!  Hallelujah 

Hayden is in her 2nd year of Let's Play Music and started learning the piano this year.  We try to practice each morning before school

She is on Pre-team at Metro Stars on the Junior Olympic track.  She goes twice a week for 2 hours each time.  She is getting really strong and comes home exhausted! 

Hayden's best friends at school are Lexie, Anderson, Lauren.  She LOVES cousin time and begs for it almost every single day.  

Hayden loves when Reid wants to have sleepovers in her room and loves pretending to be Beckett's mom.  

Hayden's favorite shows are Lab Rats, Jessie

Favorite Songs: Shake It Off & Nobody Knows (from Pete's Dragon)

Her 7 year check-up:

Height: 49.5 inches 73rd percentile
Weight: 58 lbs 77th percentile

10 Year Reunion

Paul had his 10 year reunion from the Air Force Academy September 9-10.  Since my sister and her family lives right across from the Academy we were able to turn the trip into a mini vacation and stay with my sister.  The drive went MUCH better this time around and the kids even took some naps!  The kids had so much fun playing with their cousin Owen and have really missed him since they have been home.  We drove most of the day on Thursday and arrived in time for dinner and some play time.  Friday morning we had to take advantage of the Kneaders Bakery right next to Michelle's house and enjoy their french toast breakfast.  That afternoon we went to the Air Force Academy to tour around and show Hayden where Paul played baseball, went to class, his room, Mitchell Hall where he ate, etc.  Hayden was really into this and so excited to see Dad's college.  Paul has got Hayden convinced that the Air Force Academy is the place for her to go someday too!  

 Baseball Field

Hayden getting ready for her cadet fitness test

Paul was able to visit with his athletic trainer Crystal Erickson

Above us was Paul's room his senior year

 In front of the class crest wall

cadet chapel

That night we went out to eat at a new place and then went down some slides in a neighborhood.  The wind and the cool night temps drove us back to the shelter of our cars!

The next morning, Hayden and Owen's wildest dreams came true and they set up a lemonade and cookie stand (I believe they also had some rocks for sale).  They made a sign and waved down every car that passed.  They didn't do so bad, they each made a few dollars and they had way too much fun in the process.

At noon the Air Force Academy football team played Georgia State and smoked them.  The final score was 48 to 14.  The kids did pretty good watching the game.  Beckett did well because the wind was blowing and he is all in if the wind is out!  Jared and Owen joined us but after half-time Jared took the kids home.  It was fun to stay with Paul and relax and watch the rest of the game.  Paul really wanted to stay till the end so he could hear them sing the 3rd verse of the Air Force song.  

That night Michelle made a delicious dinner and dessert, here is Reid enjoying the whipped cream.

These two little guys sure had fun checking each other out!

It was a pretty quick trip, but we had so much fun and it was so nice having the kids get along and play so well together. Grateful to have such a wonderful sister!

Fun Run

This is one of my favorite things to watch at Willowdale!  Since Hayden new what to expect, she was just really excited to run and make money for her school.  Hayden completed all 35 laps this year and ran for a straight 25 minutes.  It was a windy day and Beckett loved watching her run and feeling the wind on his face.  Reid played on the playground and was then upset when we left and he didn't get to see Hayden! 

Every time I tried to get an action shot of her, she'd turn and wave!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Back To School

Hayden started 1st grade on August 10th this year.  She was lucky enough to get the teacher she wanted, Mrs. Avery!  So far she's had a great year and is happy to be back in school.  She's got a busy schedule this year.  Tuesdays she's back in her 2nd year of Let's Play Music.  This year she starts playing the piano and has loved practicing each morning.   Wednesdays and Fridays she does gymnastics from 7-9 and is on Pre-team.  She seems to like being busy after school and always asks what activities she has going on for the day.  

These boys sure missed her in the beginning and now even a month out Reid cries when Hayden leaves every morning.

Swim Lessons

After getting home Hayden had 2 weeks of swimming lessons to wrap up summer.  She did lessons with Sami Lou again like last year and made great progress once again.  Hayden can swim 25 yards without stopping and knows all the strokes except breaststroke.  She got a lot braver this year and is even thinking she could try swim team next summer! That would be fun for me to watch. 

Hayden moves up to level 4 next summer!