Monday, May 9, 2016

Appendectomy and 34th Birthday

Last week Paul had been complaining that his stomach felt bloated and hurt.  He went all the way to Iowa for a work trip and talked about his stomach every time he called. I teased him that he hadn't been eating enough fruit and green leafy vegetables but as time went on the pain got worse and settled in on his right side.  I went to pick up Hayden from gymnastics Friday night and when I got home he was in pretty bad shape.  We started reading online and texting my nurse friends about appendicitis symptoms and he fit all except he had no fever.  So Paul headed off to the ER by himself while I got the kids fed and in bed.  Once he got confirmation that his appendix did in fact need to be removed I had Amie Houser come over to the house and I left around 9pm.  He went into surgery probably about an hour after I arrived!  Crazy, it all just happened so fast.  Zach Houser came to the hospital and gave him a blessing and stayed with me during the surgery.  Everything went well, they actually found a hard ball of "debris" inside his appendix, the medical staff said they had never seen anything like it!  We later found out that it was a seed or nut that caused the whole problem!  They also said he has a small hernia and we are a little upset that they just didn't fix that too!!!

Pre-op around 11 pm

Post-op feeling really good on fentanyl around 1 am

Paul had to stay the night and I left and got home around 2 am.  Of course Beckett who hardly ever wakes up at night woke up 3 times the night I go to bed past 2 am!  The kids were all up about 7:30 and I got them all dressed and took them to the hospital to pick Paul up.  The pain killers really knocked Paul out.  He slept all day Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and finally stayed awake a bit more on Wednesday.  By Thursday he was acting more like his normal self.

Picking dad up the next morning

Paul was showered with gifts and cards, he has a lot of people that felt bad for him!

A few days later it was Paul's birthday and it was a bit of a sad day since he slept ALL DAY! I made him one of his favorite breakfasts.  Homemade wheat bread with Havarti Cheese, eggs and Applegate Turkey Bacon open face sandwich.  We watched a movie that morning before he went to sleep the rest of the day.  I made a new cake that looked like it should have been amazing, but it was just so so sadly.  I ground up hazelnuts for the flour!  Anything that is that time intensive should just taste amazing...That night I picked up take out and we opened presents.  His big gift was purchased in March when we bought a Traeger grill.  But we had a few presents for him to open on his "special" day. 

Ever since Beckett was born I feel like we have been in survival mode moving from one problem to the next!  I hope once I figure out my hip issues (I'll write more about that later) we'll get a little break...

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter 2016

We had a busy Easter weekend cramming in all the festive Easter traditions.  We decided to have the Easter bunny come on Saturday this year since we have early church and Paul was gone in meetings in the morning and had tithing after church.  It was an awesome day.  The kids hunted for eggs, played with new toys, dyed easter eggs, I don't think the TV was watched at all!  That's my kind of day!  Sunday I managed to snap a few pictures of the kids before church. After church clothes were either stained or taken off by the time Paul got home for a family picture.  Maybe next year!  

Beckett only managed to stay awake for a few minutes of Easter Egg hunting

Friday, March 25, 2016

Beckett at 4 months

Time flies so much faster with your 3rd!  I keep looking back thinking that those first hard months went way quicker this time around.  I can't believe I have a 4 month old!  I really enjoy this phase of development because he is cooing, starting to play with toys, excited to see familiar faces and he even started rolling (March 20th: tummy to back) and I even caught his very first roll on film!  I was thinking that I had not filmed any videos or taken any pictures in way too long and pulled out my phone during his tummy time and just like that he rolled over.

One week ago I took out the late night feeding so he now goes to bed sometime around 8pm and wakes up between 7:30-8:30 am.  He takes 4 naps throughout the day about 1 1/2 hours each.  He really does well on schedule which makes my life so much easier.  This past month I also had suspicions that he has begun to teeth and the Dr confirmed this at his check-up today.  So it looks like he'll follow Hayden and be an early teether.  He has had more grumpy days because of the teeth and is chewing and drooling on anything he can get his hands on.  Teething doesn't seem to bother him at night so far like it did my other two.

This little guy still struggles with keeping a binky in his mouth so we often have his hat tied on to help keep it in.  I used to love that little hat and now I can't stand it because he's always wearing it!  We are stressing about what to do once summer hits!  I've tried 2-3 other binkies and he just gags on them.  He also always has his hands up by his mouth chewing on his knuckles, and knocking out his bottles and binky! His other favorite spot for his hands is his holding them across his chest, it's pretty cute. He loves just sitting on our laps and observing, especially when we are out to dinner, at Hayden's gymnastics classes, etc.

His stats for 4 months:

Height: 26 inches (85th percentile)
Weight: 15 lbs 1.6 oz (42nd percentile)
Head Circumference: 17 inches (90th percentile)

It's funny bc I kept telling Paul that I thought Beckett's head was smaller than our other children and sure enough I was right!  He's not in the 99th, he's only in the 90th...ha!  Still pretty big, but for our family much smaller.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


A few weeks before Beckett was born we decided to sign Hayden up for a 3 month soccer clinic with her friend Jordan McCrary.  I was a little nervous about adding yet another activity to our schedule, especially when I was about to have a baby.  It was on Saturdays which helped because Paul could take her and I'm so glad we did it!  Hayden's confidence has grown so much from her first day (where she cried when someone charged her) to the last!  We signed her up for a second session because she had so much fun and gained so many more skills.  She said it's her favorite activity right now.  Hayden is pretty excited to be getting strong and getting muscles and one day in the car she flexed her bicep and declared, "feel the strength!"  Paul and I could not stop laughing!  This is her on her last day.  Unfortunately the soccer team we wanted to put her on meets on Tuesdays and we have a conflict with her music class. Hopefully next year...

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Funny Reidman

Reid is getting kind of particular about his clothes and it cracks me up each time he makes a fuss.  He cannot stand when his pants come up when he sits down.  He is almost out of 2T but not quite in 3T and so if his pants come up at all when he's sitting he goes bonkers and wants me to fix them.  Also, if he is wearing any kind of jacket or button up shirt over a shirt it must be zipped or buttoned. It's kind of fun to see the preferences little kids have.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Beckett is 3 months old!

The only benefit of having to pump is that it forces me to sit down and catch up on pictures and blogging!  I finally catch up and then Beckett turns 3 months old!  Time really is flying by with this sweet boy.  We have been in a really good routine the past month.  He takes one last bottle around 10:30 pm and usually sleeps until 7 am and sometimes a little later.  One morning he slept past 8!  He is staying awake for about 1 1/2 hours after he eats and then taking an 1 1/2 nap.  

During his awake time he really loves laying on his mat and looking up at the cow mirror and owls.  He also likes his swing and mobile in his crib.  But I'm sure his favorite is when he gets held or when Hayden makes funny faces at him.  He really smiles big when we play with him.  That's the hardest thing with the 3rd...MAKING time to engage with him instead of letting him hang out on his own.  There is always so much to do, but I am trying to soak up these baby snuggles because they won't last long!

Beckett still really struggles keeping a pacifier in his mouth and sucking it.  I have tried about 3 other brands and he gags and refuses to suck them.  I really hope I don't have another picky eater with "texture" problems!!!  

He is also chewing on his knuckles a lot.  He often breaks out of the swaddle blankets and has his  fists in his mouth when I find him.  

He still sleeps well in his car seat which is convenient since we are on the go a lot. 

Hayden and Reid's eyes had both turned blue by now, so I think this kids eyes are staying dark.  I have mixed feelings about this.  I love the blue eyes on my other two kids, but it will be nice to have someone look a little like me!

Sometimes I think he looks like me because of the darker eyes, and then I see this picture and only see Paul!

knuckle chewer!

 I started trying to get some 3 month pictures, but then I realized I just took a lot on his blessing day which is basically 3 months and called it good!

tummy time

Reid sure loves, "the baby" he still refuses to call him "Beckett" but every now and then I hear him slip!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Beckett's Baby Blessing and Valentine's Day

We finally got around to blessing Beckett!  He is almost 3 months old.  It just so happened to fall on Valentine's Day which is pretty fun, I will always be able to remember when we blessed him.

We didn't have any family in town since they had all just come to help after his birth, but we still had a good day.  Our friends in a different ward the McCrary's came and of course the Housers were there.  In the circle we had Josh McCrary, Zach Houser, Bishop Lau, and the 1st counselor Brother Fuller, Brother Skeem and Brother Waterson from the bishopric as well.  Paul did a wonderful job as always.  Afterwards all the men in the circle told me that Beckett just looked up at Paul throughout the blessing and smiled the whole time.  Yep, sounds like my Beckett!  I was a little worried that he would cry because he was sound asleep in his car seat and I pulled him out seconds before the blessing.  But he did great!  Here is Paul's blessing:

Our Father in Heaven, in the name of Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Melchizedek Priesthood which we hold, we take this infant in our arms to give him a name and a blessing.  The name by which he shall by known on the records of the church and throughout his time here on earth is Beckett William Pratt. 

Beckett, at this time we give you a blessing.  We bless you that you will have many opportunities to grow and develop talents that will allow you to serve your Heavenly Father and your fellow men.  We bless you with the gift of testimony and the gift to believe on the words of others.  We bless you that you will come to know your Savior, Jesus Christ, through your study of the gospel and your service towards your fellow men. 

We bless you that you will have a burning desire to serve a mission and take the love of our Savior to others.  We bless you that when the time is right you will be able to enter the temple with someone who is worthy of you to be sealed for time and all eternity.  Beckett, we bless you that through your honoring of your covenants you will be an example to your brother and sister and your parents and to all that know you. 

We bless you that your body and mind might be strong, and that you will have a desire and aptitude to learn the knowledge of this world and use it to help others.  We bless you that your physical abilities will open up doors for you to improve the lives of others.  Beckett, we bless you that you will have the gift of discernment to choose good friends and by so doing and using all your talents you will be able to identify the broken hearts and the people who are in need of assistance.  We bless you that through your talents and influence you’ll know what to do and what to say to remove their burdens and draw them closer to their Savior. 

We bless you, Beckett, with the love of our family and of our Heavenly Father.  We give you these blessings, and all others that our Heavenly Father sees that you need at this time, and do so in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

11 year old Mia took this picture during sacrament meeting and it is one of my new favorites!  Those eyes!!!

 I managed to take some pictures after church, there was no way I had time to take them before church getting everyone ready on my own by 9 am!

 Reid again didn't want his picture taken, to his defense he was tired and ready for a nap!

That afternoon we opened some small Valentine Gifts and got ready for the Housers to come over for dinner.  It was a good day!

 This year we started a new tradition and put a heart on their bedroom doors each night and told them something we love about them.  It was fun and definitely something we will do again!

We got Hayden her very own alarm clock that crows like a rooster!

The train obsession continues!

Beckett's first Valentine's