Sunday, July 13, 2014


We participated in Cow Appreciation Day for the first time at Chick-fil-a this year and we had a blast.  Hayden thought it was so fun to get all dressed up and Reid could not stop staring at all of the crazy people dressed up like cows.  We definitely did the ears wrong, but we had a great time anyway.  We love Chick-fil-a!

7 months

  • Reid is rolling EVERYWHERE!  It is his primary mode of transportation 
  • He loves to giggle and sometimes it takes forever to nurse him because he just wants to look at me and giggle
  • He loves when we pat his mouth to make that sound (ah-ah-ah-ah)
  • Started introducing more "real food" he likes beans and rice a lot, here he is trying out baked sliced sweet potatoes and green beans

  • Never smiles for my "nice" camera, just stares
  • He also gives the stare down to new faces.  He can go a long time without blinking.
  • He greets people he knows with out stretched arms and slobbery kisses on the chin.
  • Loves to grab his mobile and pull on it while in his crib
  • Loves to feel things by scratching them, every time he sleeps in a pack and play we can hear him scratching the mesh
  • We love this boy more and more each month!

4th of July

The very next weekend we got to see the Lasuras again!  They got an awesome deal on Braves tickets through the Air Force, so we were able to celebrate the 4th with them and go to the game.  How much more American can you get?  They got to our house around 1 pm on the 4th and we enjoyed a barbecue with them and then headed to the game around 6 pm.  The Heinholds were nice enough to watch Reid for us since his bedtime is around 7:30 pm.

4th of July outfits

Happy 4th from these cuties

 It was crazy, but the weather was perfect!  It was in the 70s with a cool breeze and no humidity!  Seriously, how did this happen! I was a little worried about Hayden sitting through the whole game, but she did awesome.  She loves ball games and loved doing the "tomahawk chop" and singing "take me out to the ball game" as well as all the fun food.

We didn't get home from the game until around midnight and Hayden was beat!  She NEVER falls asleep in the car anymore and so I was shocked to turn around and find this...

The next day we took it easy and made swedi-hotcakes for breakfast, watched the World Cup and hung out.  That night we celebrated Joan's birthday a day early by going out to eat at Tsunami and to the Marietta Diner for birthday cake.  We had to take this picture of Joe because he loved this stuff that Paul and I can't stand! He loved it so much that he took the entire plate home with him and enjoyed it all week long!

They had to get back home and left Sunday morning after we celebrated Joan's official birthday a little more with her favorite breakfast: french toast.  It has been so fun having them only 4 hours away while living in Atlanta.  They are wonderful friends and we're so grateful we met them through the Air Force.  

Orange Beach, FL 2014

We carried out our beach trip tradition and drove out to Dothan, AL to where our friends the Lasura's live (June 27-29).  Saturday morning we drove 2 hours to the beach and spend the day.  It's always a great time and I'm so glad we got to the beach this summer if only for a day!

I think Paul and Joe spent more time like this watching the World Cup than in the water!

Reid shortly after arriving and before the waves hit him

Hayden could not be bothered to take time to look at the camera for a picture, too much to do

This is the pose I got when I asked her to smile for me!

After some waves hit him and he was due for a nap!

Joe and Paul

Family picture

Cute kiddos: Cora, Ezra, River, Hayden & Reid

We had Red Robbin for dinner and went to the same dessert place as last year to get Beignet's and ice cream snow cones.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hayden update

I started to notice that I post all about Reid because he is changing so much!  Hayden is also changing and I am really liking the 4 year old phase.  Hayden continues to have an awesome imagination which I LOVE.  She can literally entertain herself all day long playing little story plots.  She still prefers to play with other kids her age, but does a great job playing by herself too. One of her favorite shows on PBS is Design Squad, I never really watch it with her, but I think they build things a lot.  So anytime we are making anything she pretends to be hosting the show and will say, "Today on Design Squad, my mom and I am making cookies, can you give us the directions mom?" or something like that, it's too cute!

This is an example of her creativity, she took the tie from my yoga mat and made a clothing line and was "drying" her wet clothes!  And on the left she was setting up a special surprise birthday party for me.  Every time I entered the room she'd say, "don't look!"

She also loves when I take the time to go through my old childhood things and let her play with them.  She inherited this Disney set last night :)  She is awesome at showing her enthusiasm and was too cute telling me how much she loved this "special surprise"

This summer we have been swimming a lot, going to 6 flags, white water, and playing in our own backyard.

I've also been trying to let her go on pinterest and pick some crafts she'd like to do.  This was one of our creations:

And since dad works from home 3 days a week now, I can take Hayden with me and have mommy daughter dates while Reid naps.  Hayden came visiting teaching with me and was so good so we went to McDonald's for some ice cream.  I haven't been there forever and I have to say it was delicious!

Hayden seriously loves to spend time with Reid and gets him giggling and smiling every time she walks in the room.  I can already tell he is going to admire her and want to play with her each day.

One of the girls in our ward works at the gym childcare room and she told me how sweet Hayden is to all the kids there.  If someone is missing their mom Hayden will go right up to them and get them involved in her game and cheer them up. She also told me how she is the leader of all the games, all the kids follow her around.  I am NOT a leader at all, so this must all be from Paul.  Paul told me one day he went to pick her up from the playroom and all the kids following behind her as they marched around the room and when Hayden saw Paul she ran over and the kids looked around at each other like, "now what are we going to do?"

I love my social little butterfly!

Father's Day

Since we weren't doing any big gifts Hayden and I decided to have a craft day and make dad a bunch of fun stuff.  This is really fun now that she is cutting and gluing so well.  Last year I started a Father's Day book for Paul where each year we add Hayden's projects for him to keep.

Here were some of her fill in answers for 2014:

My dad can run faster than________ me
Can lift _______ a big rock
Is really good at _________folding laundry (true story)
Makes the best_________dinner (Hey!)

I made his favorite dinner: Turkey Bolognese and tried a new dessert since Paul is eating so good and healthy these days: Garbonzo bean cookies and I have to say this recipe is a keeper!

Paul is not a perfect person, and neither am I.  So it's a personal pet-peeve of mine when people say someone is the best dad or the best mom.  But I will say this:  Paul loves his kids so much and shows them through the quality time he chooses to spend with them and the fun games he makes up for them to play.  They both light up when "daddy comes home" for sure.  I'm so grateful to have such a patient, easy going husband who helps me to lighten up and enjoy life!

6 Months Old

"The days are long but the years are short," another quote from the Happiness Project.  But it's so true, I cannot believe he is 1/2 a year old!  We are planning on getting some professional pictures taken but the photographer wanted him to be sitting to get some better shots.  The only problem is he has ZERO interest in sitting!  He just arches his back and goes to his tummy or back.  We'll see if we manage to get him sitting anytime soon!

His 6 month check up revealed the following:
Weight: 18 lbs 5 oz (60th percentile)
Height: 27 3/4 inches (90th percentile)
Head: 46 1/4 cm (96th percentile!)

  • Reid is officially a tummy sleeper which I never thought would happen because he hated his tummy for so long.  He officially rolled from his back to his tummy on June 2nd by himself in his crib.  He was screaming bloody murder which he rarely does when I lay him down to nap so I went and checked on him and I think he was shocked and couldn't figure out how to get back to his back.  
  • He doesn't roll around that much while he's awake, but put him in his crib (we have a video monitor) and he rolls all over the place!  He is a closet roller!  

  • Reid usually stays awake about 2 hours and then takes about a 2-3 hour nap twice a day.  I love this new schedule!  So now if nurse him breakfast, lunch, early dinner, and bed time around 7:30 pm and then feed him solids at each meal time.
  • Reid is tolerant of baby food but really isn't that into it.  He does like most of the fruits, but hates apple sauce!  It's hard because he hates all the veggis too, except carrots.  So I give him a spoon full of something he likes and then sneak in the veggis to which he gives me a betrayed look!  Maybe he'll like real food sooner?  I've tried bits of real food and he doesn't seem to like that either...
  • Reid has had 2 crazy hair days which makes us all laugh and Hayden loves it.  We call it, "exciting hair" (from Megamind) 

  • Reid has started the awesome baby giggles and Hayden is the best at getting these out of him!  We got the cutest video of the two of them the other day
  • Loves watching Disney Channel with big sister Hayden
  • We also recently started reading a few books before his afternoon nap, Hayden thinks this is also really exciting
We are continually shocked at how similar Hayden and Reid look, it's a little crazy!  Everywhere we go people tell me how alike they look.  I love their beautiful blue eyes.